Moeki Kawakami

Measuring webdev team performance

I deployed WebDev Metrics to summarize the metrics that I feel measure the performance of software development teams in my work.

Product Usability

Fewer barriers for users to achieve their goals. It can also be called a trusting relationship between the user and the product.

Task Success Rate

Users will give up on their goals if they feel distrustful of the product or if it is too complicated to operate before they achieve their goals.


The time to complete a goal is affected by how few operations are required to do so and the ease of understanding. For example, if there are too many steps to complete a task, users will leave, and if it is too complicated, they will get tired of it.

Search vs Navigation

Also, users do not want to control the product and retrieve information by themselves as much as possible. Aim for an experience that feels like information is falling from the sky.

System Usability Scale

In addition to the results of user behavior and measurable indicators, direct feedback on the product may provide unexpected perspectives for evaluation. This evaluation should also be taken into account.

Customer Satisfaction

Without directly asking users about their satisfaction, we cannot dispel the possibility that our product may be using devious methods to engage users. Such methods may discredit the service and the company in the long run.

Reference The 7 most important UX KPIs and how to measure them - TestingTime

Development Performance

How much and how accurately the development team can do its job is the power to improve the product.

Time to Restore Service

A method must be established to get the product out of a tight spot. We should not be in a hurry to start the recovery process, but rather follow a set procedure and start the recovery process in a good, prepared environment.

Change Failure Rate

Consider ways to increase the accuracy of testing and the likelihood that errors can be detected before release. This is not craftsmanship.

Lead Time for Changes

Once a method of improvement is determined, it must be immediately reflected in the product. It may be a good time to wait for the mechanical process over a cup of coffee, though.

Deployment Frequency

A team that can make 10 changes in the same amount of time versus a team that can make 100 may have a 10-fold difference in the likelihood of a good product.

Reference Use Four Keys metrics like change failure rate to measure your DevOps performance | Google Cloud Blog

Team Effectiveness

If the psychological aspect of the team is not fulfilled, nothing can begin. It is important to focus not on the team members, but on the relationship between them.


Congrats to everyone for their contributions against the team. Please listen.

Psychological Safety

This is a necessary condition for each member of the team to take on new and difficult tasks without fear of failure. Without it, it would be difficult to incorporate new technologies, or miss opportunities to not report failures and put them on the agenda as a team issue.


Responding with a smile when asked for help is as easy as creating a library with an easy-to-understand API.

Structure and Clarity

When everyone knows what they are supposed to do and who their role is, there is no need for daily instructions.


Define a useful product for people. Then, gather members who agree with it.

Reference re:Work - Guide: Understand team effectiveness

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